VLF Grabber in Nürnberg, JN59NJ (upload every 10 minutes)

VLF wideband colour-DF, 2.93 Hz FFT resolution, 2 minute scrolling

8.27 kHz, 477 µHz FFT resolution, 10 minute scrolling

8.27 kHz, 47.1 µHz FFT resolution, 2 hour scrolling, EbNaut data export

Alpha (RSDN-20) dashes with phase colour (3.9 Hz FFT, 0.1 s scroll, 0.2 s delay to show sequence in timeframe)

Alpha amplitude and phase plots (five minute complex averaging, separately by station and frequency)
Top: Krasnodar +10 dB, middle: Novosibirsk, bottom: Far-East; red: 11905 Hz, orange: 12649 Hz, yellow: 14881 Hz

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